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GM Dealer Agreement Renewal

GM Dealer Agreement Renewal


GM’s Dealer Sales and Service Agreement renews for all dealers on November 1, 2020. GM is already sending dealers ownership and management information to insure they have the correct information on file to be ready when GM issues the proposed new Dealer Agreement next year. Dealers should review this information carefully and make any changes necessary to bring the management and ownership information current. Although dealers are required to give their manufacturer advance notice of such changes, it is best to make GM aware of the changes that have previously been made but not shared with GM.

This is also a good time to remind dealers that in a number of states, dealers have a right to challenge any adverse changes to their Dealer Agreement. Dealers we have represented in the past (GM, Porsche, JLRNA, Maserati, BMW, etc.) have joined forces to challenge those adverse changes which has resulted in negotiations with the manufacturer to remove some of the more onerous new provisions in the Agreement. It is also important for dealers to know that the right to protest adverse changes to their Dealer Agreement is waived if not taken advantage of within the required statutory time frame.

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