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BSM Looks to Break Previous Year's Record of Buy-Sells

By: Logan S. Parker

BSM Looks to Break Previous Year’s Record of Buy-Sells

The Bass Sox Mercer Transaction Group has become accustomed to breaking records. Last year, the Group closed a record 56 transactions involving 75 dealership rooftops, and the Group hopes to break that record again this year. To date, the Group has closed 15 transactions in Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.

The Group also has nearly forty active transactions, several of which will close in the coming weeks. As is normal with our practice, these transactions involve dealerships all across the country.

As in 2017 and 2018, the vast majority of the dealerships being purchased are long- established, multigenerational stores, and the purchasers are mainly mid to large, privately-held dealership organizations. The firm anticipates that dealership buy-sell activity will remain high in 2019.

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