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Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas


Andrew was born and raised in Riverview, Florida. In 2015 he graduated cum laude from
the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts. Andrew double majored in criminology
and psychology while simultaneously serving in the Florida Army National Guard. During this
time Andrew served in Operation Noble Eagle, providing crucial support during the 2012
presidential election.

In 2019, Andrew graduated from Florida State University College of Law with a Juris
Doctorate. During law school, Andrew participated in FSU’s Public Interest Law Center.
Andrew represented veterans as a part of the school’s newly established Veterans Legal Clinic,
and later worked as a research assistant for the Clinical Professor, Jennifer LaVia.

Andrew joined Bass Sox Mercer as a law clerk in May of 2018 and became an
Associate upon passing the bar in September of 2019.
In his free time, Andrew enjoys hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

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