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Nissan Establishing Global Dealership Standards


According to a recent Nissan publication, to meet changes in customers’ expectations of dealerships and purchasing behavior, Nissan is making improvements to sales facilities, as well as their service approaches and other intangible aspects. The Nissan Retail Environment Design Initiative (NREDI) 2.0 is a newly developed global standard for the next generation of dealerships under the Nissan brand. The company has overhauled dealership design and layout with an eye on addressing customer dissatisfaction with existing stores, responding to diversifying needs and boosting brand appeal. Nissan is integrating these overhauls with a rethinking of other points of customer contact, such as its website, as well as intangible systems and services in dealerships. It aims to create attractive dealerships for all customers—whether they have come to purchase a new car or to get a vehicle inspected or serviced—that are comfortable, welcoming places to spend time while also offering needed services as efficiently as possible. Nissan’s goal is to provide its customers with dealership experiences of globally consistent high quality. New outlet construction has begun as a pilot scheme in major markets; the new standard will be progressively rolled out worldwide.