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FTC Engages In Used Car Rule Buyers Guide Enforcement Actions

FTC Engages In Used Car Rule Buyers Guide Enforcement Actions


The Federal Trade Commission announced the results of a nationwide “compliance sweep” that targeted violations of the federal used car buyers guide.

The federal Used Car Rule requires dealers to display on each used car offered for sale a window sticker, called a “Buyers Guide,” that includes warranty and other important information for consumers. The FTC recently revised the Used Car Rule and issued a revised Buyers Guide that dealers have been required to use since Jan. 28, 2018.

The FTC enforcement action was conducted “jointly with 12 partner agencies in seven states.”
The investigation revealed widespread non-compliance with the Used Car Rule. Many of the violations were related to a failure by the dealer to display the Buyers Guide prior to offering the vehicle for sale. Other dealers were not using the required revised Buyers Guides.

It is imperative that dealers use the revised Buyers Guide, and that a properly completed Buyers Guide is displayed on every used vehicle that is offered for sale.

Information about the Used Car Rule is available here: Dealer’s Guide to the Used Car Rule and Answering Dealers’ Questions about the Revised Used Car Rule . Additional questions should be directed to your dealer lawyer.